Stopping Child Care Fraud

Too often the Wisconsin Shares program has been scammed by child care providers who cheat Wisconsin taxpayers and give hard-working parents and child care providers a bad name – and we will not accept it.

The new Department of Children and Families was created in part because the Shares program needed to be fixed. This important program helps hard working, low income parents access the child care necessary for them to work and support their families. This program has grown rapidly (tripling in size to nearly $400 million per year in just a 10-year period) in part as a result of fraudulent and inappropriate behavior by criminal providers and parents.

The staff of the Department of Children and Families does not tolerate fraud. Since the Department of Children and Families was created in July 2008, we have done more to stop fraud of the Shares program than cumulatively had been done since the program started in 1996. Preventing, detecting and recovering fraudulent payments is a top priority for the Department.

Report Child Care Fraud

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