Wisconsin Shares Suspension

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Provider Name Licensed Capacity* Shares Authorizations* Most Recent Monthly Payment
Executive Kids 72 67 $42,370 (March, 2010)

*At suspension unless otherwise noted

Rationale for Reasonable Suspicion of Program Violation:

The Department of Children and Families suspended this child care provider from the Wisconsin Shares program due to a combination of red flags signifying Shares violations and investigative findings. The Department has evidence that the provider 1) billed the Wisconsin Shares program for children not in attendance; 2) knowingly billed the Shares program for more hours than what the children actually attended; 3) paid employees additional sums of money above and beyond reported wages to enroll their children at the day care; and 4) entered into an agreement with another child care provider whose license was recently revoked to “care” for 40 children; however, care was never provided, yet the provider billed the Shares program as if care was being provided. Former employees and the spouse of the licensee who was active at the child care center were unable to recognize or state the names of these 40 children.

The Department has evidence that Shontina Gladney, spouse of Duane Gladney, licensee stated to the Department’s investigators that Executive Kids billed the State for the full amount each child was authorized to attend regardless of actual attendance. Ms. Gladney further stated to the Department’s investigators that the center always maintained the true attendance for the center but did not use the attendance for billing purposes. Ms. Gladney told the Department’s investigators Executive Kids began to report true attendance in January 2010.

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