The Department of Children and Families is committed to working with the eleven federally-recognized Indian Tribes located within the State of Wisconsin, both individually and collectively. This includes consulting with and involving Tribes in all Department programs, including child welfare, child support, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, domestic violence, and child care.

It is the view of this Department that one cannot comprehensively examine the needs and impact of public human services without including both the specific needs of Native people and the wide range of services provided by each of the Tribes. This is important because it presents a fuller picture of both needs and resources in the State of Wisconsin and focuses on the dual citizenship of Native people in their Tribes and in the County and State.

The Department of Children and Families currently holds biannual consultation sessions with Tribal leaders on all of the program areas described above and other topics of interest to Tribal people. On this page you will find a link to the Department's Consultation Policy and the Consultation Plan that results from these consultation sessions.

Each of the Tribes and the State of Wisconsin are sovereign entities focused on improving the lives of all of the children and families in our state. It is the position of the Department that we must work together to assure that our mutual goals are achieved.

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Like many places in our state that utilize Indian words and names, "Wisconsin" is comprised of Indian words that have an interesting history. Read more about "Wisconsin" at:

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