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What is YoungStar?

YoungStar is Wisconsin's child care quality rating and improvement system. We give parents the tools and information they need to raise happy, healthy kids. And, we help preschools, home-based programs, learning centers, and other child care providers give children safe, nurturing places to grow.

How do we do it?

  • By objectively measuring child care quality. We rate thousands of child care providers each year, awarding up to five stars for
    the best quality of care.
  • By giving parents an easy way to compare their local child care options and find the programs that match their family's lifestyle, budget, and special needs.
  • By supporting providers with tools and training to deliver high-quality care
  • By setting a consistent standard for child care quality
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Parent Feedback

"Making a decision about who would provide care to my son was a difficult one for me. Knowing that my child is in high quality care gives me a sense of security and has also helped me create a partnership that really benefits my son."

- Parent in Madison, WI

Auntie E’s Child Care

4 Star Rated Certified Family Child Program

Becoming YoungStar-rated required a lot of work for Elizabeth Woolridge of Auntie E’s Childcare in Waukesha. Today, she has a 4 Star rated program, has earned her Early Childhood Associate’s degree, and is working on becoming licensed and expanding her program to become a small group center that concentrates on continuity of care.

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St. John’s Development Center

Investing in Quality Pays Off for Program

Debbie Drew of 5 Star-rated St. John’s Development Center in Portage, WI, knows the value of YoungStar. By making use of the micro-grant program, YoungStar trainings, T.E.A.C.H. and other opportunities, she and her staff have improved their own education levels and helped other programs navigate YoungStar, too. "

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Wamengs Day Care

Balancing Act: Family and Education

Like many professional business women, Chia Her has learned to balance taking care of her own five children along with running her child care program, Wamengs Day Care in Wausau, WI. YoungStar staff is helping Chia achieve her goals, which not only improves her child care program, but has enriched her family situation, too."

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Faith Academy

A Shining Star

Jennifer Finch’s first day at the child care program Faith Academy, in March of 2012, happened to include a YoungStar visit. Jennifer met with her Technical Consultant Tracie Jarentowski that day, who walked her through everything that needed to happen for Faith Academy to grow through YoungStar and for Jennifer to be knowledgeable enough to support that growth.

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DeColores 'An Everyday Thing'

DeColores "An Everyday Thing"

Ana Rojas and her mother began their child care journey in 2005. Today, they have a group child care program named DeColores, with a 28-child capacity and a 3 Star rating. They are in the process of working to improve their star rating through enhanced parent engagement and focusing on retention and training of their staff. She and her mother even earned their associate’s degree along with staff members as a way to support and encourage them."

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Our Biggest Goal is to Serve Families

Our Biggest Goal is to Serve Families

Creative Child program Director Nancy Volden and her staff are reaching for the stars to provide the best care for the children and families they serve. They understand the huge impact they have on the physical and emotional development of children. "YoungStar is a lot of hard work," said Nancy. "I tell my staff every day that this is not simple. But once you get it, it will all fall into place."

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A Collaboration Through YoungStar

A Collaboration Through YoungStar

Two New Richmond area child care centers worked closely with their TC to plan local early childhood trainings and to work together as part of their YoungStar Quality Improvement plans. The result was a now annual conference attended by nearly 200 participants who learned more about how to better incorporate YoungStar into their plans, address quality improvement, and learn the value of working together.

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Kids N' Care

Kids N' Care

From five children in 2000, to 84 children today, Sahera Abukhamireh, owner of Kids N' Care, has slowly built her program's excellent reputation with help from her YoungStar TC. Sahera's goal has always been to provide the best learning opportunity possible for the children in her program. From updated classroom toys, to facility remodels, to training opportunities from YoungStar, Kids N' Care recently earned their 5 Star rating.

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Ivelisse Crespo

Ivelisse Crespo

Ivelisse Crespo came to the United States, from Puerto Rico, with a college degree and a passion for working with young children. She set up her own child care program and worked with YoungStar to refine her program environment and to further her education. As a result, Ivelisse has earned a 5 Star rating and says that working with YoungStar opened the door to helping her create a successful teaching style.

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